MOD3 - The Basic Unit
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Mod3-R1-05.JPG (188513 bytes)

Here's the front of the unit.  
It uses a Dive Rite back plate with Ray DSV, hoses, and P-connectors.  The O2 add (red hose) and the diluent add (gray hoses) are visible.

Mod3-R1-10.JPG (163948 bytes)

Here's the left side of the rig.

Mod3-R1-08.JPG (172188 bytes)

The right side with the exhale counterlung, Argon quick mount bottle, KISS addition (just above O2 bottle, green quick disconnect into exhale above lung).

Mod3-R1-09.JPG (192312 bytes)

The back of the unit with a hose running from the tee on the exhale lung to the bottom of the center section.  The sensors are visible in the top of the center section along with the lime in the scrubber canister.

Mod3-R1-12.JPG (139548 bytes)

A top view with a hose running from the top of the center section to the tee on the inhale lung.  The O2 injection hose and connection is visible on the top of the exhale lung (left), with the diluent hose fitting hidden under the elbow on the inhale lung (right), KISS addition on exhale tee.

Mod3-R1-14.JPG (151761 bytes)

The bottom of the rig showing the counter lung drain plugs, first stages, hose off of diluent for dry suit inflation and Bailout regulator.

08-13-01-008.JPG (40920 bytes)

This is the one of the modified Sherwood BC inflator used for O2 & diluent add.  The LP hose from the first stage regulator connects at the upper left.  The gas then is injected into the top of the lung through the hose on the bottom left when the button is pushed.

Mod3-R1-06.JPG (171789 bytes)

On the left side I also have a quick disconnect setup for a 6cf Trimix bottle that is just like the Argon bottle on the right side but the valve would be up .... and it's not installed in the photo.

Mod3-R1-07.JPG (197056 bytes)

The right/front.

Mod3-R1-15.JPG (115409 bytes)

The modified Draeger P-connectors.

Mod3-R1-17.JPG (150874 bytes) A different view of the top of the rig.
Mod3-R1-16.JPG (111313 bytes)

The Kiss addition system.


Mod3-R1-18.JPG (158263 bytes)

Here's how I made my KISS addition with an Airtrol  .003" orifice.  Just stick it in,  clamp it up, and plug it in.  The one in this picture is actually a .005" (white).

mod3-001.jpg (54842 bytes)

(The following pics are from the MOD3-Rev1 rig.)

This is the setup I use to dry out the scrubber and lungs after use.

mod3-003.jpg (52417 bytes)

And a close up of that setup.

Read a text description here.


portable-exhaust-fan.JPG (44126 bytes)


This is the portable rig I use on trips.

Read the text description here.


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