MOD3 - The Display
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08-13-01-010.JPG (78751 bytes)

I decided to go with a 1 ATM housing this time. 

08-13-01-009.JPG (39017 bytes) Using Sealcon connectors.
08-13-01-011.JPG (44334 bytes)

Access to the trim pots and an attachment point.

mod3-02-2001-01.jpg (68335 bytes)

The protective cover that goes over the housing when not in use.  Note the magnet embedded inside the tube and inline with the yellow mark.

mod3-02-2001-03.jpg (61208 bytes)

When you slide the protective cover on you should see green.  Line up the yellow dot on the housing with the yellow line on the cover to shut off display power.

mod3-02-2001-02.jpg (57609 bytes) Red is on the other end.

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