MOD3 - The Lungs
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08-13-01-012.JPG (177186 bytes)

The bottom of the lung with the drain plug removed.

08-13-01-038.JPG (97095 bytes)

The top of the lung housing.

08-13-01-039.JPG (96954 bytes)

The top of the lung housing with the cap removed and the counter lung visible.

08-13-01-040.JPG (75588 bytes)

The top of the counter lung with no cap.

08-13-01-042.JPG (77025 bytes)

Detail of the top edge of the counter lung.  The inside is straight neoprene to help sealing and there is nylon on the outside for protection. 

08-13-01-041.JPG (75846 bytes)

Detail of the inside of the counter lung and the seam backing. 

08-13-01-043.JPG (65955 bytes) The lung laid out. 

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