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Mouthpiece without a DSV
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This is made from a PVC coupling. The cages came from an old Aqualung double hose regulator.

Mouthpiece with a DSV added.
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There is a Delrin sleeve pressed into the PVC coupling, the pressed sleeve has a step in the end to accept the check valve cages. There is a second sliding fit sleeve inside the press fit sleeve.  

Flapper valves
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I had a hard time finding replacement flapper valves ...... so I made my own.  I turned two pieces of Delrin to the proper diameter, purchased some flat silicon sheeting, cut out some oversized squares, used a leather punch to put a hole in the middle, sandwiched the square between the fixture and trimmed it with a razor.  I used Stainless machine screws with Nyloc nuts to hold them in the cage.

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