At this point you should have read the information I provided about the boards and the parts you'll need to put together what you order .  Plus I'm sure you researched a little further and verified my work.  I'm not responsible if you go out and get yourself killed using one of these boards.  Educate yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

The ordering page will not be functional until I can figure out how to stop the automated "spam" from submitting them.

If you'd like to place an order then please email me at

mark dot munro at ppo2 dot com
("dots" above are . )



Shipping information & policies

Uninsured shipping within the US is free, insurance is extra.

International shipping is extra.

Uninsured shipping policy:  

If you ship uninsured and the package doesn't arrive I can't be held responsible for replacement.  As shipping verification on my end I will buy a certificate of mailing that is postmarked and indicates that the package was sent to your address.  

For international orders, If you send insured I'll need to indicate on the customs form the true value. Otherwise I can put in a lesser value.



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