Although Teledyne manufactures over 160 sensor configurations the more popular versions for diving are the K-1D (See note below), R17D, and, the R22D
An overview of their full range of diving sensors are listed here.  

     The differences I'm aware of between the R17D and the R22D are that the R22D comes with gold plated contacts and three pin Molex connectors while the R17D comes with nickel plated contacts and a mono-plug connector.

K-1D            R22D

NOTE:  It should be noted at this date, 3/05, that the the K-1D is available although I noticed that only the K1 is listed in the above documentation and that currently there is not technical PFD file available.  The difference between the K-1 and K-1D being that the K-1D has a hydrophobic membrane.

If your looking to purchase sensors I would suggest:

Patrick Duffy
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 Patrick can fix you up with a wide selection of Teledyne sensors.  Check out the page he has a lot of cool stuff. 

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